Welcome to Photo Agent Link

At Photo Agent Link, we believe good, solid and lucrative opportunities exist for every photographer. That’s why we developed a submission service that caters to every type of photographer individually. Through our customized submission service, photographers are granted considerable exposure to hundreds of the nation’s most prestigious photographer representatives, advertising agencies, book and magazine publishers and stock image agencies, all within a 24 hour turnaround.

We believe remaining amongst the multitudes of photographers whose professional strategies are limited to existing neighboring clientele, leads to career limitations. We believe success in the photography industry is dependent upon viable and meaningful contacts. That’s why we’re here; to serve as your most important link to these contacts.  

How does it work? Rather simply. Photographers connect with one of our industry experts for a completely free consultation where advice is given on image copyright, portfolio selection and submission genres. Photographers then upload their best photographic material to our secure FTP server. Within 24 hours, Photo Agent Link submits the uploaded content to our extensive database of photography industry contacts, all for the low price of $50.

Contact one of our experts to begin info@photoagentlink.com.